Cash Bonus

You just got an offer on your Hinsdale property listing.  This single family home was only on the market for six weeks but your sellers needed a quick sale and you complied, pricing the home just right.  Naturally, the buyers order an inspection to make sure your listing is in top-top shape.  But it’s not [...]

Fix That Fence

An inspection is part of any prudent purchase.  Sellers could get an independent property inspection performed before listing so there are no surprises. And buyers should always have a property inspection after any offer is accepted.  Prudence pays.  But when an inspection indicates repairs are needed or the seller and buyer agree to specific property [...]

Appraisal Issues? Go Ahead and Step In!

What's in store for us this year with appraisals when home values slightly increase due to the shortage in inventory, sellers will know they can get a little more for their home and multiple bids usually hike that price. So, will it appraise?  Submit your best and final! Now don't get me wrong as I am not admitting to [...]